Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Making the best of what I've got

March 13: slept.
March 14: slept and processed and slept some more.
March 15: slept, worked, reconnected, and began making future plans/acting on them.
March 16: got my motorcycle out of storage and began prepping for riding season. Caught up with a good friend and had an amazing (unplanned) 2 hour dinner. Ordered turbotax.
March 17: went to LW, cried my eyes out, then cried some more while praying for group members. Then received some really great news about the work God has been doing.

Habitual productivity and the realistic concern of getting sent back out soon has pushed me to be even more productive than usual. I am ok with this. At least, for the time being, I am being productive for me and the people around me.

Looking forward to the days ahead. There is a lot to do. But I have the confidence that a lot will get done.

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