Saturday, March 20, 2010

For posterity

I came to two revelations today.

The first one was actually a repeating theme over the last couple months: The idiots are winning. Due to sheer numbers, they are winning and will continue to win. It's not quite the positive revelation that I would like to remember, but it was funny enough to write down and hopefully laugh about in the future. I know one day, I will look back on this and realize how hard I am today towards other people and how I will have grown to be softer in the future. The general trend is pointing that way, so I am fairly comfortable assuming that I will eat those words in the not so far distant future.

The second is not really a true revelation either, but also worth noting. I am looking for peers in the wrong age group. I should be looking within people much, much younger. Peers of the heart. Unbridled enthusiasm; an enjoyment of life unconstrained by social norms. Children are my heart's peer.

I had an amazing time reuniting with Todd and his kids tonight. From giving lessons on riding motorcycles, to giving lessons on breakdancing, and receiving lessons on karate (and spanish!), mingled with lots of hugs and flinging and hanging upside down, it was a heartfilling night.

Humorous moment of the night

Todd and his oldest daughter S, who is turning 15 this year, and I were talking about preparing for driving next year. More importantly, we were talking about getting her a helmet and a leather jacket so she can go riding on the back of a bike with us this year. As we were giving her tips on being a passenger, I let her onto my bike and showed her the controls and what they all were. As she was sitting on my bike, I slid the keys in.

Alban: Do you want to hear what it really sounds like?
Todd: Danger!
S: Sure!

We talk her through how to flip the switches and hit the right buttons while making sure she stays in neutral and the back tire never touches the ground.

Finally, the moment of truth.

S: [takes a deep breath, and presses the ignition.]

VROOM! The bike starts right up.

Todd [sniffles]

Alban: Awww... Todd! It's ok! She's still got another year left. She isn't growing up too fast!
S: Yeah dad... it's ok.
Todd: No... [sniffles again] It's not that. She presses one button on your bike and it starts right up. I have to wrestle and twist and fight with mine to even get a sound out of it.
Alban: Um... yes. We will get your bike up and running again so you can ride too...

Sentimental moment of the night

After a long night of lessons and dancing and flinging and wrestling, M, the youngest and the most tomboyish of Todd's daughters is snuggled up to me on the couch.

We have a rich history of her refusing to give me hugs, calling me names and taunting me, and pretending to give me a high five, only to pull away and say "sucker!" at the last minute. The significance of this moment was not lost upon me. More importantly, neither was the next.

M: Do you want to have kids one day?
Alban: Yes. And I hope I have one just like you.

We stayed there on the couch watching the other kids wrestle and play for the next 10 minutes.

Precious moments. I hope these moments will stay with them for as long as they will stay with me.

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