Friday, May 14, 2010

Anatomy of an adultry

They have 3 kids. He a teacher. She a theologian and a ministry leader. They have a beautiful and warm house.

It was a home.

I remember evening dinners, lengthy and deep conversations, playing with the kids and movie nights. Starting up the wood fireplace and telling stories until we fell sleep.

I looked up to them. I wanted what they had. I hoped to have even a fraction of what they had some day.

So how could it end? And how can their mutual friends look on and watch as she left for another man? How they manage to continue calling her friend and laugh as if nothing happened bewilders me. It crushes my heart. I can't understand how this is acceptable. And the more I find out and the more I uncover, the more my heart breaks.

I'm not ok with this


  1. I don't guess this to be fiction.

  2. I'm so on the outside of this, having been out of town throughout the whole thing, and knowing only what they themselves made public. But my reaction was so very much the same as yours, particularly the latter part.

    I remember when the couple that led the small group that Dave and I attended went through something similar. I had so looked up to them and their marriage, and felt rather stunned.