Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Encierro, part 4 of 4: The Bull Ring

Part 4 is the bull ring. Things aren't over once the run is complete. They shut the doors. This is both to keep anybody else from coming in, as well as keep anybody who is in from going out. The stands are filled with people who bought tickets to watch the bull run on the big screen tv, and to watch what was about to happen next.

The runners stand in the middle of the ring. There are hundreds of them. Some manage to climb the wall and jump out of the ring, while others hold on to the wall for dear life. The remaining runners stay in the center.

One at a time, a young bull is released into the ring. They are there for the runners to "play" with; To pretend to be matadors and dodge out of the way of a charging bull. Keep in mind that a young bull is still 800 lbs. Even though the horns are taped up to prevent goring, you can still get hurt pretty badly by these bulls.

Now, I have no stories to tell you about what happened next. Not on facebook anyways. My mom will read them. And there are some things that moms just don't want (or need) to know about. No, these are the stories that can only be told face to face and be passed along by word of mouth. Because no matter how brave a person is, there comes a time when that person will fear the wrath of his mom much more than 12 running bulls.


  1. Hah, fair enough. I will need to track you down to hear them from you yourself.

    I'm so glad you were able to have this experience, though--this whole vacation--the partying, the taking-off-of-ten-years, the testing of yourself and this awesome demonstration of your bravery... In literature the Journey is always a life-changing, character-reenforcing experience (like in Hamlet), and it really sounds like this was a real-life Journey for you.

  2. Thanks Chris. You're right; it was a life journey for me. I feel like I've changed as a person as a result of this. In little and some big ways as well.

    =) I'm looking forward to telling you some of these stories. It's just a matter of when. Any chance you will be visiting up here any time soon? I'm currently trying to find ways to be down there more often (or more permanently).

  3. How's mid-August? I might be able to sneak away for a weekend before classes start.