Sunday, January 31, 2010

Preparing for another bout of Déjà vu

I have been wrestling with restless sleep for over a week. I sleep for hours, waking up ever so often, coasting along the edge of consciousness. But what sets this apart are the dreams. The powerful, vivid dreams.

It has been a long, long time since I have had dreams these vivid and memorable. I had been suspecting that the lack of memorable dreams were either a result of a loss of imagination or because I have been so tired in my sleep. But I have nothing to indicate that either of these two things have changed. Yet, I dream. And these dreams are real. I am immersed in them. I wake up exhausted with the living I am doing in these dreams. The choices I have to wrestle with. The activity that is going on. But the biggest question I have been asking myself, are these dreams the next set of dreams I will reexperience again in real life.

It's happened many times before.

I have been dreaming of people I never met and places I have never been to. I don't think it is typical for people to dream things that make sense. But here I am, visiting the same place in my dreams several nights in a row and I have a literal map in my head of how to go from one location to another. I know locations of restaurants, stores, and college campuses. All places I have never been before. All places I am wondering if I will visit some day.

Many years ago, I dreamed a vivid dream of having lunch with an older woman I had never met in a place I had never been to. Two years ago, I relived that dream with my pastor/mentor at a little local restaurant that recently went out of business.

The weirdness of it all has long gone. I have come to accept that these are things that happen. Perhaps it's a gift. Maybe a curse (I kinda enjoyed having restful sleep). I do not know. All I want to know now is, what am I supposed to do with this foreknowledge?


  1. What little I know about the gift of prophecy is just a conglomerate of relevant verses (Acts/1 Corinthians).. and stories I've picked up along the way. Cautious reverence pretty much sums up my own approach. In regards to the interpretation/ application, I don't have anything cogent to contribute. However, I wish you clarity and direction :)

  2. Thanks Grace. I think cautious reverence sounds just about right. No need to worry about such things. On the bright side, I have a new favorite restaurant to look forward to. On the down side, I may also be left standing jilted at the altar. Hopefully, that one is more nightmare than prophecy. haha.